Fallout: New Vegas Reviews

Obsidian Entertainment's Fallout: New Vegas has been treated to a few more online reviews, and they're all pretty favorable.

RPGCodex liked it, a lot:
Obsidian have made a game that isn't just true to the promises of the fallout universe but one which expands and develops its kaleidoscopic charm. This is the sequel Fallout 3 should have been. Hell, this is the sequel Fallout 2 should have been: the same flair, but without the loss of focus and a bit less bloat. It will become a lasting classic: it shares with PS:T and Arcanum the sheer brilliance in which the world, the story and the quests are put together. Let's add more semi-hysterical praise: this is the best RPG in 3D.

New Vegas is a triumph, effortlessly superior to anything released in the last several years (and a match for anything released before that), and a vindication that good RPGs can be popular too. It is Obsidian's first smash hit, but also its first masterpiece. I hope they make more like it.

ActionTrip gives it a 7.5/10:
There are two things that proved to be a major downer in my book. The lack of a more involving storyline for a franchise of this caliber is a something the developers shouldn't not have allowed. Plus, we're talking about Obsidian here. Despite their God-given gift to technically screw up every game they ever made, at least they always had good writers on their team, so it comes as a bit of a surprise that they were not able to pack New Vegas with a more compelling plot structure. That would've certainly made one hell of a different to me (and to a lot of other players, I'm sure). I also noticed some familiar bugs from Fallout 3 - enemies getting stuck on boxes or crates when they're running towards you, the targeting system still a bit screwed up (the infamous shooting behind cover system still has its faults) - sometimes it's completely accurate, while on other occasions the bullet will hit an invisible obstacle instead of a tangible obstacle like a rock or tree.

Still, I guess hardcore RPG players, those who are after a huge world with plenty of interesting side-quests, will surely find a home here. I know Moesha has and he is as insane and hardcore as they come (in an RPG sense, of course... and in every other sense, now that I think about it).

And then Shockblast Media gives it a 91/100:
At the end of the day, this should be a pretty solid contender for Game Of The Year honors from across the board, even in a pretty awesome year for gaming. As it stands right now, it will more than likely make its way into my top five. Given that there were four major pieces of downloadable content released for Fallout 3, and with the Dead Money add-on already announced to be released on December 21st, I have no doubt in my mind that I will be spending much more time with the game in the coming months. Because there are so many ways to play the game and interact with the characters you meet along the way, the replay value is incredibly high, to the point where it is on a level that is pretty much without peers and makes up for the complete lack of multiplayer or co-operative game play. If you are a fan of shooters or RPGs alike, this is definitely a game for you. Fallout: New Vegas is in stores now.