Fallout: New Vegas Reviews

The Fallout: New Vegas review insanity has certainly calmed down, as I was only able to find a few more such articles since my last round-up.

Computer Games Romania gives it a 93/100:
After Fallout 3, veterans of the series had lost any kind of hope they would ever set foot in a new post-apocalyptic world that they could appreciate without the help of mods. That's why New Vegas is all the more impressive, because despite its problematic foundation, it turned into a game that even the most elitist and conservative of fans will play until exhaustion.

SudoGamer gives it a 9/10:
New Vegas hasn't been billed as Fallout 4, however the team at Obsidian have taken us back for more adventures in the wasteland and bugs aside have done a very good job. The dark humour of previous Fallout games is preserved and Obsidian have been able to use their knack to spin a tale to create a game that while retreading a lot of the same ground is better than its predecessor which means it's very good.

And Delta Attack gives it an 81/100:
Anyone who enjoys a good RPG is sure to enjoy New Vegas. Some will complain about the bugs and similarities to Fallout 3, and they'd be justified in doing so. But to pass on this game for those reasons would be a disservice to one's self. It's worth the trouble to experience the adventure that New Vegas offers, and if you've never played a Fallout game before then you are in for a rare treat.