Fallout: New Vegas Reviews

It just wouldn't be the same if we didn't start off the new week with a fistful of Fallout: New Vegas reviews, would it?

Gamer Limit gives it a 9.0/10:
If you are the kind of gamer who can dedicate tons and tons of time to one game, do yourself a favor and pick up Fallout: New Vegas. The amount of options are staggering and will keep those who are motivated entertained for a long long time.

Diehard GameFAN gives it a "Good Game" rating:
Fallout on the PS3 never changes. The developers change, but Fallout on the PS3 never changes. Another game which very easily could have been a game of the year candidate, could have earned an Unparalleled score from me, falls on its face at the finish line because of bad coding. After a while you have to ask yourself, is it the publishers who are forcing this developer to ship unfinished games, or is it the developer who just can't finish what they start? Either way, it's a disgrace that this game shipped in the condition it did. It deserves better.

Level Up News gives it a 4.5/5:
I could go on about this game all day, and may even come back and add more praise to the review later (without changing the score, don't worry). It is one of the finest RPG experiences you will ever have, and if you can overlook the smorgasbord of glitches you will find no problem losing well over a hundred hours in the Mojave wasteland. Fallout is one of my all-time favorite series, as a matter of fact I will say that it is my favorite, and this may just be the best one (close running with Fallout 2), and so I can only hope to see more of these Obsidian/Bethesda team-ups in the future. Definite buy, so go get to it.

And then FileFront applauds the game's approach to homosexuality:
And that's why, in my mind, Fallout: New Vegas boasts the best gay character I've seen. Arcade Gannon is a great character on his own merits, and the very fact that his sexuality neither enhances nor diminishes his character is what truly makes him amazing. I realize that by drawing attention to it, I am in fact making a big deal out of it and thereby undermining my entire point, but there's really no way to applaud Obsidian for what it did without committing the same crime I've accused other media of committing. So, at the risk of being a hypocrite, I simply want to say that Fallout: New Vegas gets a very gay thumbs up from me.