Favorite Fallout: New Vegas Memories

Seems a bit short-term to be speaking of memories, but IGN appears to be on a roll of New Vegas based articles. Spoiler warnings apply.
"BEST FRIEND TABITHA," a crazed voice exclaimed before going on a rampage about how pathetic humans are compared to their mutated counterparts. I had to meet this Tabitha, so I scaled the mountain, braving the waves of Super Mutants and Nightkins that lined my path to this mysterious being.

Once I managed to breach her tough security, I opened the door to find the most amazingly cracked-out creature I've ever seen. A blue-skinned Nightkin, Tabitha sported a fetching shoulder-length blonde wig and pink heart-shaped glasses. She was so wacky, tacky, and cool that I felt really bad when I killed her. But it had to be done.