Planescape: Torment Retrospective Review

Following their retrospective review of Baldur's Gate, the editors at Mana Pool have turned their attention to Planescape: Torment and awarded it a 9.6/10. The only game capable of knocking Ultima VII out of its lofty orbit, this one is:
Once again, Planescape: Torment suffers from similar problems to reviewing Baldur's Gate due to the age of the graphics, and due to it not being a standard of games of the time that all dialogue be voice-acted. Also like Baldur's Gate, the graphics are primarily high quality 2D graphics, and so it is not that noticeable once you are used to it, and the voice-acting and music are of very high quality, rendering a lack of total voice-acting less problematic than it might otherwise be.

Unlike Baldur's Gate, the game has a very particular and slightly weird style, as befitting the weirdness of the world itself, and thus the game's age is probably even less of a hindrance, as you probably won't have played anything quite like it anyway.

The music in particular has a haunting quality to it, and really adds to the immersion within the game.
The lack of voice acting isn't an issue for me (and, I suspect, many of you) and The Gibberlings 3's widescreen mod bumps the game's graphics up to nothing short of stellar. If you haven't played it, get it, now.