Fallout: New Vegas Second Opinions

After hitting Fallout: New Vegas with an 8.5/10 in their review a little over a week ago, several of IGN's editors have returned to weigh in on the post-apocalyptic RPG sequel one more time. One such set of impressions:
To start out, Fallout 3 is, was, and will be one of my favorite video games of all time. Mixing every gameplay component that I enjoy with a dark sense of humor, I lost more time to this game than nearly any other over the past decade. But, did that same feeling carry over into New Vegas? Sort of.

Having already lost nearly two days of my life to this game over the past week, I have no problem saying that Fallout: New Vegas plays like the largest expansion pack ever created. As a carbon copy of Fallout 3's winning formula it's hard to hate on the game considering my love for the original. I can only really liken my feelings towards this game to my feelings for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II (which was also developed by Obsidian) as I absolutely loved KOTOR, and just liked the extremely similar KOTOR2.

I'm sure you've heard it from everybody else, but this game is buggy... really buggy. And it also features the same crappy visual problems from the first game. Still... I love the Fallout world, so it is hard for me to not like this game. Is it perfect? No. Is it worth playing? Very much so.