Fallout: New Vegas Guide Blog Update

A bit belated to just after the game's release, the fifth and final guide blog entry from Prima Games Guide writer David Hodgson is now available on the BethBlog, talking about collectibles.
Soon after you collect your first Sunset Sarsaparilla Star Cap a strange and rare bottle top with a blue star emblazoned on it you'll begin to realize you're going to need a Companion to weigh down with the hundreds of Collectibles this adventure yields. In this final Strategy Guide Blog, some of the finest rare items are revealed, along with information on the additional content contained in the limited-and-numbered Collector's Edition.

Back to the Sunset Star Caps; if you know where to look, and who to be suspicious of as you're met by others scavenging these odd trinkets, you'll find the truth behind the Legend of the Star. Only the official strategy guide has the complete solution, but let's just say it involves a cowboy with a wandering eye named Festus, and an old abandoned warehouse with a well-sealed secret.