Fallout: New Vegas Guide Blog Update

The fourth of the blog entries from David Hodgson, writer of Fallout: New Vegas' Prima game guide, is now available on the BethBlog, discussing the enemies and creatures of New Vegas.
Wilder foes are classified as (Abominations,) creations abhorrent to the natural order of things, and (Mutated Animals,) wildlife with a taste for human flesh. At the top of the (crap your pants in fear) chart are the Alpha Male, Female, and Legendary Deathclaws taller, bigger, and sharper than their east-coast brethren. Geckos also dash around the countryside, bigger than a man, and skedaddling faster than you can run. Venture into an old Vault in the northwestern mountains, and expect encounters with atrocities that merge the line between plant and animal. Fight off the slithery and furry advances of the Nightstalker, then save some of your ammunition for the scatterings of Feral Ghoul settlements and encampments of blue Nightkin Super Mutants and their lunatic leaders, Tabitha and Davison.