Mass Effect Series Interview

While attending the recent New York Comic Con, Crave Online caught up with BioWare writer Mac Walters for an interview about the Mass Effect: Evolution comic book series, his contributions to the video game series' DLC, and more.
CraveOnline: Now how about the DLC episodes. You writing those as well?

Mac Walters: As lead writer I'm responsible for all of them, regardless of whether I actually write them or not. I mean, our staff for Mass Effect has three to six writers working side-by-side. For the latest DLC, (Lair of the Shadow Broker,) I just reviewed the work of my co-workers. But it's up to me to make sure the final quality is up to par and fits into continuity.

CraveOnline: How do you feel about working on stuff like DLC, something that releases after the big push retail release?

Mac Walters: I really enjoy the idea of DLC because, as many people know, in game development there is so much you want to do but there's very limited time. But then the opportunity comes back up to do it in DLC. For example, the car chase in the (Lair of the Shadow Broker) DLC. We just didn't have the time to test it and fit it in when the original game launched.

Even in comics, Mass Effect: Redemption was kind of an experiment. We built this comic story around eventual video game DLC we wanted to release. It was a lot of fun to do that, plan it out from the get-go.