Fallout: New Vegas Interview

After compiling a list of community questions about Fallout: New Vegas and sending them off to Obsidian Entertainment, Gamer's Guide to Life has published the answers that were given to them by an unnamed member of the development team. A few that stuck out to me:
Will there be any major differences between platforms? Are you planning to include exclusive DLC, and will the G.E.C.K. return for PC?

There shouldn't be any major differences, no. While we're tinkering with things here and there, we're trying to keep the differences minimal (they're done solely for performance reasons). There will be DLC but we can't talk about specifics yet, but PC modders should look forward to an updated GECK release.


Will it be possible to max out all skills in one playthrough? Will there be many different endings (not just variations on a few opposite ones as in Fallout 3)?

If it's possible to max out all your skills in one go, no one's done it yet! There is more variation to our endings, as they depend on your reputation with various factions, actions you've taken, and companions you've recruited.


Is there a Level Cap?

Yes, the level cap is 30.