Fallout: New Vegas Preview

Guardian.co.uk has kicked out the latest preview of Fallout: New Vegas, which is apparently based on a demonstration shown to them at one of Bethesda's many offices.
Along with these broader changes, Obsidian have introduced a few new features aimed specifically at Fallout's passionate online community. Weapon-modding, for example, has been introduced, allowing silencers, scopes, different ammo types and so on for added customisation.

Fans will also be delighted with the frequent references to Fallouts 1 and 2 which I was told will be much more apparent than in Fallout 3, as a number of developers that worked on the first two games were brought back for this new instalment.

A new 'Hardcore' difficulty level is also available for players looking for a more intense challenge. In this mode you'll have to search for water or risk dying of thirst, scrabble for old bullet casings to make ammunition and sleep at regular intervals in safe places to stay healthy.