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World of Aden: Thunderscape

Release Date :
December 4th, 1995
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ESRB Descriptors :
Animated Blood and Gore

Game Description

SSI's all-new World of Aden is a big, brawny, boisterous realm! Driven by mechamagic - a crude marriage of steam-age technology and powerful sorcery - Aden is a huge world of unbridled imagination and limitless possibilities.

Thunderscape is your maiden voyage into the World of Aden. It is the time of Darkfall, and all is not well. Of mysterious origins, this black blight stains the land with its spawn - mindless horrors known simply as nocturnals. Great warriors ride across the battered lands to battle these vile hordes. Clever rogues and ruthless inquisitors seek out the corrupted traitors hiding in cities and settlements. Powerful mechamages wield deadly contraptions of steam and magic, or fight the evil with iron sorcery. But for all this, no ground is gained. And there are many who openly fear that Aden will fall... unless a leader, a true hero, rises - and leads the way out of this time of darkness!

A masterpiece of fantasy role-playing adventure, Thunderscape features raucous combat. Brain-draining puzzles. Deadly traps. Killer graphics and sound. It's everything you'd expect in an SSI role-playing epic... and more!
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