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Warriors of Legend

Developer :
Publisher :
Release Date :
December 10th, 1993
Platforms :
Genre :
Perspective :
Side-Scrolling, Third-Person, Top-Down
Theme :

Game Description

King Osric the Great, in his divine wisdom, has sent forth this decree to the people of Lemuria. Due to the inexplicable rampant killings of native Lemurian by their own fellow countrymen and the disappearance or barbaric murders of appointed leaders, a state of martial law has been declared.  It is thought that the nefarious Black Circle has instigated this chaos.

All surviving subjects of Lemuria whom would stand against The Black Circle have been summoned to come forth in a pronounced effort to overcome the plague that has ravaged our home.

Four brave, yet unlikely warriors step forward to answer the King's decree:

Keena: A seductive thieftress who vows to use her shrewd mind and cunning wiles for the good of Lemuria this time.

Brand: An incredible physical specimen who trusts few and prefers to move alone.

Astravir: A wizard who can conjure spells and manipulate nature. His magic is strong, but his control is unpredictable.

Ataris: A young master of the how. Though he lacks experience, his allegiance is fierce.

They join legion as four individuals, but time and diversity forge this band of heroes into a single force with only one focus, to overcome the Dragon Lord Moc Madure and the evil Black Circle! They are The Warriors of Legend.

Journey through six episodes of intrigue.  Do battle with The Black Witch, Mistress of Stone, outwit the Illusionist and his nasty lions, confront Bandor the Butcher, and encounter Ellora, The Enchantress.  Finally, if you're good enough, face the ultimate evil nemesis: The God of Snakes, Set.

Go with confidence and return in victory, you control The Warriors of Legend.


• Experience fantasy role-playing at its finest with four main multidimensional characters to control: A Warrior, Thief, Wizard, and Archer.
• Overcome adversity and solve dozens of thought-provoking puzzles in every episode of this thrilling and perilous adventure.
• Interact with hundreds of diverse supporting characters - from the mischievious to the helpful, fmm the deranged to the downright dangerous.
• Explore the mysteries of Lemuria with ease via the fully mouse-driven interface.
• Enjoy the striking VGA graphics and animations which vividly enhance this highfy involved game.
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