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Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny

Developer :
Publisher :
Release Date :
December 9th, 1988
Genre :
Perspective :
Third-Person, Top-Down
Series :

Game Description

Three terrible Shadowlords - the antithesis of goodness and virtue - emerge from the broken shards of Mondain's gem.

Capturing Lord British and imprisoning him in the Underworld, the Shadowlords then corrupt the newly crowned King Blackthorn. Blackthorn enforces the virtues with cruelty and Britannia suffers under his malevolent rule.

With Lord British imprisoned, it falls to the Companions to summon the Avatar, who joins them and journey into the Underworld to rescue Lord British. Retrieving Mondain's shards, they face the Shadowlords and destroy them. Then, having collected Lord British's crown, scepter and amulet, they survive the Dungeon Doom and set Lord British free.

Blackthorn is deposed and exiled from Britannia. Soon after, he disappears entirely.
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