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Talisman: Prologue

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November 23rd, 2012
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Game Description

Talisman: Prologue is the first in a series of games based on the seminal Talisman board game.

Enter a mythical world of dragons and sorcery!

For those unfamiliar with this classic world of fantasy adventures, Talisman is a game like no other – indeed, it is no ordinary game at all, but a fantastic quest in a world of magic and monsters.

As play progresses, a story unfolds from turn to turn: a heroic epic of brave deeds, of daring encounters, of treasures and magic, of battles fought and sometimes lost, but always a tale that challenges and enthrals!

In Talisman Prologue, you take the role of 10 characters on a series of epic quests. Fight your way through hordes of monstrous creatures and cast powerful magic spells along the way.

Using the rules of the board game, Talisman Prologue is a single-player strategy role-playing game.

Key features –
• 10 classic characters from the board game
• 50 quests to play through
• Original soundtrack
• Endless replayability

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