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Jagged Alliance: Back in Action - Point Blank

Developer :
Publisher :
Release Date :
June 14th, 2012
Platforms :
Genre :
Role-Playing, Strategy
Perspective :
Isometric, Third-Person
Series :

Game Description

It’s a mano-a-mano, merc vs merc in an all-out-war in this action-packed DLC for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action! A group of private mercenaries has captured American ambassador John Gaiden and it’s up to your team to rescue him. Hired by Rygor Manson, a renegade CIA agent, these deadly mercs aim to plunge the government into chaos! You’ve hired Gus Tarballs, Robert James “Scully” Sullivan and Donna “Spider” Housten and sent them on their way into the government district to bring back the ambassador. Will you manage to lead them to victory and put an end to Manson’s terror?

Key Features:
• Completely new storyline challenges you to go face-to-face with a team of hardened mercs set on sending your team home in body bags
• Deadly new urban environments will have your team sweeping the city, street by street, alley by alley
• More than one hour of play time
• Learn more about the backstory of the three mercs
• New recruitable NPC
• Four new steam achievements

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