The Age of Decadence: Journey Through the Ruins of Zamedi

Eschalon: Book II

Publisher:Iron Tower Studio
Developer:Iron Tower Studio
Release Date:2015-10-14
  • Role-Playing
Platforms: Theme: Perspective:
  • Isometric
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Kill? Destroy? Murder? I don't like the sound of that!

You'd have to be really, really good at killing things to pick the assisted suicide option (#2), so let's go with 1.

Great treasure? Oh boy! Where do I sign up? Wait a second, my favourite skill just kicked in, suggesting that the demon thing may not be of the honest variety of otherwordly creatures. I find that hard to believe, of course, and I'm sure that the demon will be able to clear my concerns...

I'm speechless. If I didn't have any Streetwise skills, I wouldn't suspect a thing, thinking only of doing whatever's required of me and running back to claim my treasure.

Well, now that I have every reason to suspect that this lying piece of stone crap is not a true gentleman, I should be careful and not hand him the ring blindly. Not until I know what it does, why the demon wants it, and why he can't get it himself. For all I know it may not even be a ring but some kind of dual flux rotary actuator, if you believe in such nonsense, of course

In case you actually wanted to know the answer to "what the hell are you?".

The demon statue thingy. It wasn't glowing before.

The fabled lower level! Ok, there are no rats and spiders here. I lied because I wanted you to like me. There are quite a few items of interest here. Rings, many documents (require different skills and abilities to understand them: Intelligence, Lore, Crafting, etc), and even spare parts. You never know. You may even find a damaged tower, buried under sands, and knowing how to activate it may come in handy.

Anyway, thanks for your interest and support. We'll be more than happy to see you on our forums.