Cave of Sorrows Kickstarter Campaign

An intriguing project, Cave of Sorrows, has appeared on Kickstarter. This old school RPG promises gameplay in the vein of of Baldur's Gate and Temple of Elemental Evil. The best thing about it? It's nearly done and asks for mere $2,500 in order to finish production.

The screenshots show quite a fair selection of playable classes and races, strongly reminiscent of Dungeons & Dragons, and in my book, this is a good thing. In fact, although I can't find a confirmation at this point, it looks like the game might be using some sort of Open Game License, considering Aasimar(among other things) is an option you can pick. Color me excited.

Here's a bit from the campaign description:

That is why we came up with Cave of Sorrows, I wanted to bring my experiences with all of my greatest rpgs into one game. We have been hard at work developing this game for well over a year, although the game is fully playable, there is still a lot to be done. We are seeking your help as most of our funds are depleted, (I've been living on PB&J) I have put a lot of money into this and I won't give up till it is finished and released for all to enjoy. We need the funds for voice acting (we already have the actor)

We also need funds for high a quality game trailer, and lots of printer ink as we will be printing all our own manuals and hint books for the retail copies.

Here is a breakdown of what is finished:
  • Story----------------100%
  • Maps-----------95%
  • Sounds--------100%
  • Voice Acting------------50%
  • Coding-------------------100%
  • Bug Testing------------75%
About the Game:

Cave of Sorrows offers many hours of true role playing, hundreds of monsters to do battle with, all turn base. plenty of classes, and races. It has well over 30 dungeons to explore including caves :) about 15 villages and 3 main cities. Full customization of all of your character. In game map. The story is very deep and exciting with many twists and turns.

While the campaign page could use an editing pass or two, I do appreciate the personal touch and the enthusiasm behind it.