thread for xbox version cheats, mods to stats and the like

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thread for xbox version cheats, mods to stats and the like

Postby Jazz_Master » Tue Oct 02, 2012 8:29 pm

I figured since all the threads i see are for the computer i would put this one up for those using the xbox version of morrowind.
first id like to put some of the simple little cheats as to the restoring magic health and fatigue,
NOTE holding the A button and pressing the B to exit the menu will make it a constant affect
magic = black white white black white A .
health = black white black black black A.
fatigue = black black white white black A.
NOTE when using the constant affect if you re-enter the menu the affect will stop so you will have to re-enter the code....
and those looking to permanently alter there stats my friend show me how to do this one a long time ago..
first you will have to have the soul trap spell plus any fortify attributes spell buying the jack of all trades in the beginning of the game makes this easy its cheap and with it you can fortify any attribute you wish when making a spell, you will also need a spell maker joining the mages guild will make it so you can have access to spell makers for a cheaper price but it is'n the only way don't forget you will also need money to make the spell i will also say because i don't want anyone's game messing up that if you raise your stats above 1000 the game will most likely freeze also DO NOT alter your speed above 100 or so because you will run into or threw walls and mess up your game that way as well
first set soul trap for 1 second on target then set any of the fortify attribute spell you wish to alter 10 out of 10 on self in first person mode point at your feet NOTE you can not actually see your feet when doing this also don't be near anything or anyone. pointing at your feet cast the spell each successful cast will raise the selected stat by 10
ALSO NOTE that doing your luck first makes doing this a hole lot simpler as it governs everything as well as how well you cast a spell..
i hope this helps and if you find anymore useful little glitches or the like post them here
i will be posting more as i find them and as i remember them because its been about a year or so since iv played and just restarted
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