Game Eating Items

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Game Eating Items

Postby Kimmuriel » Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:18 pm

I only realized when I got to Tarant, but the game seems to have deleted my Note to Virgil, from Elder Joachim, that you get in the Shrouded Hills inn.

I went back to make sure I'd picked it up, and it's not there, so I have no idea where it could have gone. I don't have the journal entry saying Joachim left a note at the telegram office, either, so my game is at a standstill?

I went to Stillwater regardless, and the innkeeper doesn't say he has a note for me, so obviously I haven't accidentally triggered something I need.

I'm not exactly far in this file, but I've done loads of bitch-work quests (several times over, due to the lack of auto-saves and my forgetting to do so manually - See grizzly bears).

So basically, is there any editor program that would let me place the Note in my inventory? Or am I SOL?

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Postby Triskaedek » Fri Dec 18, 2009 3:50 pm


The only editor I am aware of (ArcanumEdit, you can get it on Terra Arcanum) doesn't let you spawn items (there was supposed to be a newer version that did, but I think the author stopped working on it). Are you using the Unofficial Patch? It's supposed to prevent that kind of bugs from happening. Also, I guess this is a long shot, but have you checked your followers' inventories for the Note? You never know... =)