File: Star Wars: KotOR v1.03 Patch

Description: The v1.03 patch for Star Wars: KotOR fixes a variety of bugs and introduces new gameplay options, such as key mapping and support for much higher resolutions.

File: Area Music Sample (MP3)

Description: The area music is very important to establishing the particular mood that the designers and art team want the player to feel. The epic storyline will take the player through emotional highs and lows, and being able to match the music will help draw the player deeper into their role in the galaxy.

File: Area Theme 2 (MP3)

Description: This is an example of an upbeat bit of area music that will be heard early on in the game. It illustrates the different textures and moods that are being established in each of the very unique areas in the game.

File: Character Theme (MP3)

Description: Several of the main characters will have his / her own theme that will be used at key moments in the overall story. It is important to match the music to the character, their dialog, and their specific story.

File: Combat Music Sample (MP3)

Description: This is an example of area specific combat music, and incorporates a theme that will be used in several parts of the game, as well as some of the cutscenes. The overall goal for each of the different combat themes was for the music to match the intensity of the combat, and heighten the overall experience.