Couple O' Questions

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Couple O' Questions

Postby qarash » Mon Aug 27, 2001 7:22 am

Hello All,

I just had a a couple questions that I hope you guys/girls cna help me with. The first one has to do with attacks. What determines how many attacks you get in a round? They way I thought it was determined was by your WP's and how many points you put in each one, but is that the only thing? Will a cleric only ever have one attack per round because they can only put one * in a WP? And I know that there are certain weapons that give an extra attack and rangers get an extra one if they leave their off hand open. But other than that, I didn't know if the number of attacks had anything to do with level either. My second question is kind of similar, as it has to do with WP's. Does a multi class character get a WP point every time one of his classes gets would regularly get one? Eg. Would a fighter/cleric multi get one every 3 fighter levels he goes up AND one every 5 cleric levels he goes up (can't remember if its 4 or 5). Just kind of a curiosity thing 'cause then a duel or multi-classed character could get way more wp points than any single class character would . . . thanks in advance for your help! :)


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Postby Sojourner » Tue Aug 28, 2001 12:05 am

Non-fighter classes are limited to one attack per round for melee weapons and slings throughout the game (when not hasted, of course).

Fighter classes, including the paladin and ranger, gain an extra half attack at the 7th level, and also gain a half attack for specializing, and fighters gain a full attack per round for grand mastery.

Refer to page 73 of your IWD manual for more details. Refer to the chart on page 139 for RoF information on ranged weapons.
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Postby Gruntboy » Tue Aug 28, 2001 1:55 am

Multi-class characters gain weapon proficiencies at the fastest rate only.

A Fighter-thief uses the fighter proficiences (1 every 3 levels) and a mage-thief uses thief proficiences (1 every 4 levels). You don't gain profs in the second/third class.

Fighter multi-class characters can only specialise (two stars) in a weapon.

Dual class characters get the most proficiencies. ;)

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