First Post - Introduction | My Current Character

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First Post - Introduction | My Current Character

Postby SpectralDB » Mon Mar 25, 2013 1:10 pm

Greetings. My name is Devyn and I am new to Game Banshee (which is quite clear if you read the title). So here's just a bit of general information about me. The current game I am playing is TES V: Skyrim, so a large sum of my posts will be centered around that topic and in this section. I am 13 years old and male and quite shy in real life. And I am located in the USA. Message me if you want to know more or are interested in chatting. So let's move on to the second purpose of this thread. My current character in Skyrim that I am using. He is a nord by the name of Elessar Telrunya (yes I know it's an elven name but I couldn't resist as I love the name so much). My current player home is Breezehome in Whiterun and I get a majority of my supplies in the blacksmith next door. I am currently looking for a nice and easily accessible player home mod by the way so message or comment if you know some nice one(s). My character is based around being a sneaky thief assassin and my tools of the trade are Blade of Woe for life sapping and sneaky kills, Chillrend for full head-on combat which is a good weapon for such an occasion because of the fact that I freeze them, rendering them defenseless, Daedric Bow of Lightning which I use with Glass Shatter Arrow (split apart upon flesh entry, dealing even more damage), and two spells, one alteration and one restorating. The restoration being Grand Healing and the alteration spell being one which none of you most likely know about because it is from a mod which you can download [url='']here[/url]. Basically what the alteration spell does is allow you to move extremely fast for about 6-10 seconds and even so fast that you can sprint on water. So that spell comes in handy for dodge and escape. Now for my armor it's quite basic actually just full ancient Shrouded Armor which you can get from the Dark Brotherhood questline along with the Blade of Woe. I excel in light armor. So once again if there is anything you want to know more about THIS part of the thread please, please, PLEASE, leave a reply or message. Don't be afraid to ask anything at all. Thank you for reading!


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