Elistree's Song Problem

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Elistree's Song Problem

Postby Sydney » Sun Dec 16, 2012 9:40 pm

Possible Spoilers for those who have not played Eilistriee's Song ****************************

I am currently playing BG 2 after many many years. I wanted somthing new so I downloaded check the bodies and elsitree's song.....I am in the cult dungeon and I am getting massacured by the cult group that sits in the room across from the wooden bridge ( the area you go up to to get the child and kill the red dragon)...my party is pretty high level....all girl party....saerilith level 20...Aruen lvl 20 , main char 14/14 ( fighter mage), Jahira 14/14, Arie 15/14 and Immy 17...I have done everything including killing bohdi....and this group is just incredibly hard I was hoping for any suggestions from somone who has payed this before.......and I was noticing that the adventures that ask you to come along keep disapearing.....they are not dying becouse I dont get the " you had so and so killed " or what ever and moon drop donest deliver his speech..is anyone can help a girl out I would much appreciate it.....Dont I feel silly....doing some more investigation I discoverd its actully CTB not ES...sorry!,UPDATE ...AND YES SPOILERS FOR CTB AHEAD: well I managed to get pasted that nasy nasty fight....but the ending is really messing me up. I am guessing from the lack of responces noone around has played CTB or ES........I am really stuck in the final battle......hopfully somone will come along thats played CTB and can hel with the cult of the dragon final battle...