Need Advice on Mod Order

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Need Advice on Mod Order

Postby h_parsons » Sun Oct 24, 2010 8:59 pm

I just ordered my 4 in 1 boxset from amazon, and am looking to start new runs of BG2 TOB and my first ever run of TUTU. Anyways after many long hours spent researching i think i may have an install order finally i was wondering if anybody could check my order and let me know if it is right.

BG 1
BG 2

I dont believe that i need any patches because it is the new boxset, but this is where it gives confusing for me... right now i would like to just mod the TOB game becaue i will do TuTu later if that is cool or should i go ahead and install tutu and the mods i want. anyways here is the mods i want to install for TOB.

BG2 Fixpack
Song and Silence
Ease of Use
Improved Anvil
The Bigg Quest Pack
Item Upgrade
Dark Ritual
NPC tweak Mod
Beyond the Law
Check the Bodies
Dungeon Crawl
Expanded Thief Stronghold
Quest Pack
Tower of Deception
Unfinished Business
COM encoutner
G3 Tweak Pack

If anybody could help me with the mod order that would be great and if i need to insatll any patches but i think i am okay with that. Any advice on anything is greatly appreciated because i am trying to try as many different mod combos as possible, so any advice is welcome because i have been looking the IE boards for a few years, but finally get the chance to play with the mods i want i am looking forward to many hours of exciting gameplay thanks