Map navigation in TOEE

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Map navigation in TOEE

Postby Su_ » Tue May 04, 2010 3:53 pm

Guys, sorry if that's a thing I could easily find (well, I coundn't :) ) - once I'm in the Map option, is there a way to 1) get an overview of the whole current location on one screen 2) indicate where the party should go right on the map (basically I mean if there's an Infinity games style map/navigation interface). I'm only starting with the game (yeah i'm years late), but my topographic idiocy makes the whole gameplay so frustrating that i'm not sure i'll have the nerve to go anywhere past hommlet village, while i really want to play this game.

I realize there's probably no inbuilt interface for it (at least i haven't found it though i tried), so any advise you could give on how i can make the navigation easier would be greatly appreciated.