Class specifc quests

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Class specifc quests

Postby LittleKnife » Tue Nov 14, 2000 9:41 pm

I was just wondering what all of the class specific quests are. I've done 3, and I can guess a few more, but there are some I don't even have a clue about. Are there any cool ones that I've just got to try? Image

Fighter - Becoming lord of Nalia's keep. I've "done" this one a couple of times, but I've never played the game long enough (in game time) to see it to the end. I think Isaea Ronell (sp?) is behind the troll invasion but I'm unsure. Is it worth hanging around for?

Ranger - ? if I had to guess I'd say it would be in the Umar hills, since their ranger died.

Paladin - I thought it was pretty cool being in the Order, but I think it would've been better if the quests weren't all the "do it now!" types. That's the nice thing about Nalia's keep and the Planar sphere... they aren't just one-shot deals. Side question about alignments: should a lawful good character side with the baron? Lawful/neutral/chaotic good don't seem all that different to me. What kind of situation would characters of these respective alignments to act differently?

Cleric - ? Presumably something to do with the temple you're aligned with (if you have a kit). If you don't have a kit I'm not sure.

Druid - ? This one is pretty obvious. Can you challenge for leadership of the druid grove? Do you have to be at least level 14?

Mage - Ownership of the Planar sphere. The only thing I have against this is that you don't get it if you're trusting of Lavok.

Theif - ? Shadow theives? Hard to belive that there can be MORE quests related to theives though Image

Harpers - ? They seem to be the only bard organization.

Monk/Sorcerer/Barbarian - ???

I guess I'm really just looking for motivation to expand my horizons ... slaughering everything with a dual-classed Kensai/Mage was the first time but I'm sure it will get old Image

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Gluteus Maximus
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Postby Gluteus Maximus » Wed Nov 15, 2000 1:52 am

Actually, the bard quest is part of the Haer'Dalis quest at the Five Flagons Inn in the bridge district. AFTER you complete the quest I might add.

I thought paladins just got that cool sword Image.

Monks and Barbarians both get Nalia's stronghold and Sorcerors get the planar sphere.

The rest I think you have, though.

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Postby Nighthawk » Wed Nov 15, 2000 2:43 pm

When you begin the game, pay attention to where the boy (Brus?) suggests you could find a quest. He will direct you to the stronghold quest for your lead characters class.