Junior Member???

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The General
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Junior Member???

Postby The General » Thu Oct 12, 2000 7:28 pm

I came to the site to check out the new forum and was pretty impressed until I posted a reply. Junior Member??? I'm old enough to be your father; even though I wouldn't admit it if I was. Personally, I don't care for either Junior or Member. How about Level 1, Beginner, Novice, Hack, Smack Daddy, Master or something along those lines? Get rid of the Junior Member!!!

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Postby Kayless » Wed Apr 11, 2001 8:41 am

I kind of miss the Junior Member rank. It had nothing to do with age, but rather the experience of the individual on this particular board.When I became a full member I felt like I had earned the title by contributing. I definitely don’t view myself as an “Exalted Member”. Such titles are more appropriate for epic posters like Gruntboy or Weasel. So why not have an intermediate level? i.e. Member (less then 50), Veteran Member (51-500), Exalted Member (500+). Just one man's opinion.
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Postby Gruntboy » Thu Apr 12, 2001 6:24 am


Epic? If my head gets any bigger it will explode :D
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Postby Weasel » Fri Apr 13, 2001 1:37 am

Here is my two cents worth on this..

I don't look at new poster's any different than anyone else. I was a new member at one time and Everyone here treated me great. I look at the way someone posts their replies or topics. I believe everyone has a right to their opinion..(as long as this opinion doesn't amount to name calling)

As for i.e. Member (less then 50), Veteran Member (51-500), Exalted Member (500+). if Buck can in the future do this I would worry about people posying just to have a post...(i.e...posting for numbers )

I have read Kayless post and know he hasn't did this , but I believe some will. (At one time I did post just for the numbers , but Buck showed me the way back from this dead end road)
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