Before 2009 ends...

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Before 2009 ends...

Postby Maharlika » Sun Dec 27, 2009 6:06 pm

... I just want to be sure: GB started in 1999, right?

If so, that makes it 10 years of Gaming service for GB?

Hey Buck, how about a brief history of GB in "About GB"? After all, it is no mean feat to be in continued existence for 10 straight years. It makes good marketing methinks for more sponsors. As we move on to the next 10 years I wouldn't be surprised if GB is indeed a byword among gamers. How about something like "10 years of screaming." as a tagline on your GB Header for some short period? Something like what Google does on its "Google" title during special occassions (Valentine's, St. Patrick's, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, etc.)

BTW is the GB shirt still up for sale?

It would be neat if everyone of us had one so we can have our pics taken while wearing it with some local land mark as a backdrop. :)

Sorry, all these ideas popped up and I figured sharing them first with you guys. :o

edit - Oh, my bad. It's 2000 not 1999. :D I checked Buck's "Join Date" which is Oct. 2000. ;)
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Postby BuckGB » Mon Dec 28, 2009 9:57 am

Well, I've technically been contributing to RPG content on the web since early 1999 when I joined GameZNet to help create their EQ'Lizer and Planescapers websites. It wasn't until late July, 2000, though, that I brought GameBanshee into existence. There really wasn't much to the site at that point, so I've always used September 1st as our anniversary day (when I started kicking out BG2 content). My forum join date of October, 2000 is when we started using UBB for our forums. Prior to that, it was a custom-coded nightmare.

I definitely would like to do something special for our 10th anniversary. Changing the header for a period of time is a good idea, and I may also see about running some sort of giveaway or something. Our t-shirts aren't available for sale anymore, as J!NX killed their affiliate program. If anyone knows of any other outlets similar to J!NX that would be willing to sell high quality t-shirts, please let me know.

Check out these Wayback Machine archives:
November, 2000
March, 2002
December, 2003

Most of the later archives won't even load because of our UGO ads. Anybody happen to have a screenshot of any of our other layouts over the years? I really wish I had a snapshot of the very first layout we ever had. It used a red/orange scheme and the logo was of a guy screaming in sunglasses, courtesy of GameZNet's graphics guy.