Versatile members only! = 3x chars

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Versatile members only! = 3x chars

Postby gozpel » Fri Jun 15, 2001 4:49 am

I play the F/M/T and he is great. Not as good as those ungodly creatures that some ppl call "real RPG"...

A mage at lvl 37...i just laugh, reality check plz
A Paladin lvl 47!!!!...Geez, did you try to play the game before cheating?

And on it little party is fun, but main thing is my main char is a F/M/T...lvl 11/11/13...but is he good!!!!
with the right tacticts he can solo, but I like company, so I walk around with Jaheira and Korgan and we spank ass.

The thought of this topic is to know if there is any more "daring" adventurers out there...

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Postby Garcia » Fri Jun 15, 2001 5:06 am

I don't quiet know what you mean by "daring" adventurers but you do have a good point. how does your main man fit you what makes him good/is he good? take the kensai/mage everybody says that he is really good I think that he sucks compared to a sorc. but I will put that down to diffrent playing styles and thank god for that. the important thing is if works for you.
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