Where does Korgan go?

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Postby Callimar » Fri Jun 15, 2001 7:16 am

Hmm, I never thought that when he left because of my high reputation he would still be around the Copper Coronet. In BG1 if someone left because of reputation, they left for good. And took all their cool items with them. Mmm, good. Actually, I paused the game the instant after Korgan's leaving dialogue, before he was actually gone. I relieved him of all his burdens then let the little bastard run off. There be better 'tanks' out there, most notably... me.
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Postby fable » Fri Jun 15, 2001 7:38 am

@Gozpel, I do agree with you that Korgan should haggle over his price before rejoining. After all, his skills are greater, and (by his thinking) you've denied him a chance at more loot by kicking him out. I'm inclined to think they should have even considered adding some unpleasant minor quest--like a demand you allow him to fight Jaheira or Haer'dalis in a one-on-one to the death. (Of course, he might relent and let you resurrect his opponent if he succeeds.)
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Postby gozpel » Fri Jun 15, 2001 1:53 pm

thank you fable, for seeing the depth of my point!
Indeed, there should have been a interior quest, but then "my Jaheira" would've kicked his sorry ass...and if he tried "me" he would've been a fried toast on a pin + spanked before he knew it..

The real problem is, I like the sully dwarf and I will keep him (with losses of exp and such) so why? can't he talk like jaheira explaining a sunrise or whatever? It is much important to keep a char in a game then some buggy "romancing" that doesn't give a any xp at all!!

Well, Korgan is Chaotic Evil, but that doesn't make him a moron!