How do I get to Windspear Hills ?

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How do I get to Windspear Hills ?

Postby Markep » Sun Dec 03, 2000 7:21 pm

I have gotten throught the underdark and have gotten the quest to help the elves, but I wanted to go do windspear first. One problem, I can't go to Windspear, all of the other areas show being available -- but not that one. What do I need to do ?

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Postby Lucian » Sun Dec 03, 2000 7:26 pm

talk with jierdan firkraag in the copper coronet..he is near lethinan the barkeep..firkraag is dressed in red/yellow

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Postby Weasel » Sun Dec 03, 2000 9:00 pm

You can also leave Trademeet to the west side of the screen i beleive.This happen to me after i talk to the Lord in the Copper Cornet.
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