Tell me, Boo said what?

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Tell me, Boo said what?

Postby Minerva » Thu Jan 04, 2001 7:17 pm

Just before going into the Planar Sphere, I talked a guy who standing in front. He was a kind of a con man tried to sell the Sphere to Minsk for 500gp. You need to approach him yourself, and it's nothing to do with the quest (I don't think).
Minsk's answer was great!! Like, "Boo says the Sphere is too big to fit into my pocket, and if I cannot carry it around, there is no point to buy it." It's such a clever and funny answer only Boo can come up with! I wonder there are any more like this? I really don't want to miss them!!
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Postby ltldrgn1 » Thu Jan 04, 2001 7:20 pm

Don't know if you've seen this one already, but if you exit waukeen's promenade to the north, there is a man there. talk to him using minsc and he (the man) will ask for directions out of the city. Mildly entertaining.
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Ishmael the Betrayed
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Postby Ishmael the Betrayed » Thu Jan 04, 2001 7:21 pm

Who let you in here anyway?

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Evil will always triumph over good. Because good is dumb. - Darkhelmet

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Postby KN » Fri Jan 05, 2001 7:57 am

I can't remember the exact words but when I changed into the slayer once. Minsc said something about Boo peeing down his back! LMAO.

Anyone remember the exact words he says?
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Postby Craig » Fri Jan 05, 2001 3:58 pm

once mincs say"boo needs his regular exercise or he will bit you in hard to reach places

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Postby rapier » Fri Jan 05, 2001 4:27 pm

Ah, yes! When you are in Brynnlaw go to the pirate captain and say that you must go into the Asylum, then let him speak with Minsc...