Question on level ups

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Question on level ups

Postby Markep » Tue Nov 28, 2000 7:44 am

Sometimes when a character levels up, when I go to the screen where you increase the weapon proficiencies, I can't increase what I want to. For instance, I wanted to increase Minsc's 2handed sword skill to 3 slots, but it wouldn't let me. I would click the plus and nothing would happen. In fact the ONLY skill it let me increase was the 2weapon wielding slot. Is it supposed to do this ? I saw nothing in the manual regarding this but maybe I didn't read closely enough.

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Postby Beelzebub » Tue Nov 28, 2000 7:51 am

How far you can increase the weapon proficiencies depends on the class of your character. Minsc as a Ranger can only be increased to a maximum of two. The only class which can be increased to five (full) is the warrior

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Hazim ibn Gorion
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Postby Hazim ibn Gorion » Tue Nov 28, 2000 8:55 pm

Actually, no offense to Beelzebub (although I'm guessing someone with the user name "Beelzebub" isn't easily offended), but "warrior" isn't quite right. Only straight Fighters, and Fighter kits, can exceed two proficiency points in a weapon. Rangers and Paladins are warriors, but they're not Fighters, so they can't gain mastery. (And, no, multi-class Fighters like Jahiera can't gain mastery either...bitch, ain't it.) The reason you can put three points in Minsc's dual-weapon style is because Rangers get a free point in that style, enabling them to go up to three stars.

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Postby Lucian » Wed Nov 29, 2000 1:35 am

you all get it wrong, if you actually looked at the information about the nonweapon skills you would see how much that could be added and what it did....twohanded style, max 2, sword and shield style max 2, single weapon max 2, dual wielding max 3 as the only one....figther kits, warrior, paladin and ranger can max all the nonprofs..and blade and swashbuckler may put 3 in dual wield...all others are limited to a single read closer over it

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Postby Chris Boney » Wed Nov 29, 2000 2:45 am

btw these proficiencies are unbalanced if you ask me. A human druid who duals at level 10 from fighter and becomes level 10 again, can have 5 stars in a weapon proficiency. But a multiclassed f/d not.

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Postby Xandax » Wed Nov 29, 2000 6:37 am

A dualed fighter can - after he get his fighterskills back - can increase (bug??) his weaponskills beyond 2*
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