Uh oh - beta patch trouble

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Uh oh - beta patch trouble

Postby Markep » Tue Nov 28, 2000 7:37 am

I installed the beta patch when I was in the underdark and it seemed to work fine until I left the underdark. When having my conversation with Elhar the Elf, at the end I asked for holy water and stakes, it gave me the 5 items, and my machine locked up. I had to re-boot, I tried again and the same thing happened. If I re-install the original, how do I keep my characters and saved games ? Anybody else have this problem ?

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Mr Sleep
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Postby Mr Sleep » Tue Nov 28, 2000 8:57 am

Export your character for safety, all your saved games should stay ther, if they dont sue Bioware for not providing you with a decent patch Image
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Postby Xandax » Wed Nov 29, 2000 8:07 am

Well since it is a beta-pathc - you can't sue ;-)
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Postby Crovax » Thu Nov 30, 2000 8:10 am