Botched Unseeing Eye...

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Grimm Battlebones
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Botched Unseeing Eye...

Postby Grimm Battlebones » Tue Jan 02, 2001 6:43 pm

I totally botched the Unseeing Eye Quest by killing the beholder and all of his lackies before getting both rift pieces. When I talk to the person who gives me the second part (the people who are diseased), he still thinks the beholder is alive, which he is not because I killed it beforehand. Has anybody else run into this problem, and if so, how did you overcome it? I have a feeling this quest somehow leads to other parts of the sewers being opened up. Suggestions?

BTW, where is the first piece? I have thoroughly searched his domain but can't find squat. Somebody said it was on the beholder, but I never found anything. I ended up having to "write" it in by using Shadow Keeper, which is a cheat. I still can't get anywhere.


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Drakron Du´Dark
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Postby Drakron Du´Dark » Tue Jan 02, 2001 7:00 pm

I am not sure about this but you will have to use the rod on the unseeing eye(or someone else for that matter just DONT use it on a party menber)becase the rod must be dischard.
you have to talk to the guy outside the temple for the quest to end. goin in the temple does not and talk to the avatar does not end the quest.

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Postby Lucian » Tue Jan 02, 2001 7:03 pm

he never went down there....the lower parts become locked up, if you dont kill the unseeing eye with the rod...but kills him..after you say attacks Gaal..which will make the beholder spawn....there is nothing to do possible way down to the forgotten temple of amaunator....