New Stronghold Question

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New Stronghold Question

Postby vapour » Wed Apr 25, 2001 10:11 pm

Ok, i have a very strange problem.

I just played through for the 4th time as a stalker. I did just about all the quests there are including the Umar Hills Ranger Stronghold quest and completed that.

So, Im thinking to myself, I wonder what a Swashbuckler is like.

Now i don't want to play through the game again, because i've already played though as a normal thief.

What i decided to to, was to make a swashbuckler in shadowkeeper, then import him into one of my last saves before irenicus (right outside the palace).

so I did this, and it seemd to have worked.

What i would like to do is access the Thief stronghold thing. But when i complete the quest, Renal just gives me the gold and the sword like i wasn't a thief. He wont give me the guild.

Clearly, this is because I've played though 99% of the game as a ranger. So I was wondering if there is a global variable or something I can change so that renal thinks im a thief not a ranger????

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Postby White Rabbit » Wed Apr 25, 2001 11:04 pm

I think your problem is that you can only get one stronghold, outside of fighter/anyclass, and that's just a bug that has to be executed correctly. Maybe there is some shadowkeeper thing you can do, I wouldn't know I don't like to cheat.
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Postby Sojourner » Thu Apr 26, 2001 4:45 am

You need to set the GLOBAL PlayerHasStronghold to 0.
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