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Postby gozpel » Sat Jun 02, 2001 12:04 am

What's going on? I equipped Viconia with Gauntlets of Ogre power and the Sling of Seeking, and suddenly she stands calmly away from enemies and whacks them with 30+ damage?
And not only once in a fight...she repeats it over and over again...!

I tried the same with Jaheira, but she only makes half the damage...and my front figures are lucky if they hit a 20 now and again (one dual wield, the other 2hand weapon)

It must be a bug...I think Viconia is a tough char to keep, but she's sexy and naughty :) so she gets kicked out every time I hit a rep-bonus...but now...I was to play kinda good, if she does this kind of damage I can't let her go..

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Postby Angelus » Sat Jun 02, 2001 12:28 am

Well, Viconia has a pretty high Dex (19 I think), so she gets some bonuses with missile attacks.
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Postby leeho730 » Sat Jun 02, 2001 2:29 am

sling of seeking allows strength modification to damage (most missile weapons do not). So in this case she will have dex plus strength bonus to her sling attack.

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Postby ki-master » Sat Jun 02, 2001 3:31 am

I always give viconia a good magical sling and the skullcrusher mace.She shoots about double the damage then when she hits with the mace.