bug in chap4: vanishing weapons?

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bug in chap4: vanishing weapons?

Postby fletcher22 » Mon Nov 06, 2000 8:39 pm

Can anyone help with a bug? I have had two weapons vanish from my weapon "rack" while in the asylum level 1.

The cool vampire killing mace and a nice poison dagger.

Does anyone know anything about this? Is there a monster that steals weapons that I didn't see?


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Postby Crovax » Tue Nov 07, 2000 5:37 am

I had that problem 2, but not in the asylum 1. At first I thought it was a bug, but then I remembered that i came across a Nishruu. I think it destoyed my magical weapons (if that is possible).So thats how i think i lost my girdle of frost giant strenght (3x damn...and a lot more)

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Postby Nighthawk » Tue Nov 07, 2000 10:44 am

I had a Flail of the Ages that was actively wielded disappear in Asylum 1. Not sure what is going on there.