Where is Edwin?

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Baron Matias
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Where is Edwin?

Postby Baron Matias » Thu Nov 02, 2000 5:16 pm

1st time through the game I never used him, used clerics. Now that im a kensai/mage, i need a buddy! :P

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Postby Bordin_Steelaxe » Thu Nov 02, 2000 6:02 pm

Edwin is in the Mae'var shadow thieves "guild". You will first have the chance to see him after you have completed the first 2 quests that Mae'var gives you. You can first get him into your party after you have completed all the quests that are related to Mae'var's treachery...

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Postby KidD01 » Thu Nov 02, 2000 6:16 pm

Edwin ? I think he's attending his computer store downtown......wait a sec...oh Edwin the red mage right ? I gues i make some mistake...anyway you'll get to him as Bordin said on Maevar guild...3rd floor after u do 2 errands for that traitor thief which you'll whack after you get his evil plot evidence.....And i guarantee you that you'll enjoy having your boots on that evil thief head.....Right Boo ?

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