Poll: Summoning Spellz

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Poll: Summoning Spellz

Postby SirKain » Thu Mar 08, 2001 12:58 pm

What does u think is the best summoning spell??

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Postby whitelight666 » Thu Mar 08, 2001 1:14 pm

skeleton warriors rock the house! nothin beats 'em!
that bein said nishruu/hakeashar is a fun summon when spell casters are around.

Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and start slitting throats.
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Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and start slitting throats.
-H.L. Mencken

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Postby sigurd » Thu Mar 08, 2001 1:16 pm

Aerial servants is the strongest, had one doing 48 damage at red dragon.
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Postby Genesis » Thu Mar 08, 2001 1:18 pm

without a doubt skeletal warrior takes the prize. they are almost immune to magic except death spell they last 8hrs, hasted a couple of them can bring down a party of mages and fighters. They dont turn on you...they cannot be charmed or confused...shall i go on...

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Postby Kovi » Thu Mar 08, 2001 2:46 pm

Call Woodland Being (druid spell). The Nymph have a lot of spells and she is also beautiful (as opposed to an Earth Elemental or a Skeleton Warrior). Image

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Postby KensaiRyu » Thu Mar 08, 2001 3:10 pm

i like the summon nishruu/hakeashar for spellcasters and the skeleton warriors hasted for solo sorceror
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Postby Sheriff » Thu Mar 08, 2001 4:10 pm

Wizards Eye

It can take enormous amount of damage and is almost resistant to every spell (dispel magic seams to be the only thing that works). It's great for using as a diversion while attacking with missile weapons.

It is also great for exploring dungeons

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Postby Garcia » Fri Mar 09, 2001 12:33 am

Yep I will have to go with wizards eye it is by far the most powerful summoning and it is really useful not just for scouting.
it can be unsummoned/dispelled but not die it has recived more than 1200 in damage and still only been badly injured. some say that they have killed it but I don't believe that it may have been unsummoned upon impact but it did not say in the bar "wizard's eye dead"
good spell a solo sorc. best friend together with skeleton w. (though they can be airheads)
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Postby The Outsider » Fri Mar 09, 2001 5:31 pm

Best: no summonings! Why contract out your killings?

From a roleplaying aspect, it's somewhat hypocritical for a (good) priest or a druid to sit there and watch their allies being minced as fodder, and then to be able to do it again. Wouldn't the big old bears or whatever know that you have a reputation for killing them all off when you ask for their help, and decide to snub you?

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Postby RiPPeR » Fri Mar 09, 2001 6:24 pm

a very good tatic is to put 1 web and 2 spawn spiders, it will kill almost everything in the area, since spiders are imune to web

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Postby rapier » Sat Mar 10, 2001 4:14 am

*slapshishead* Nyaaah, nyaaaah! Mordenkainen's sword, Mordenkainen's sword! Immunity to many weapons, effective, look funny...

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Postby Vehemence » Sat Mar 10, 2001 4:42 am

Your all forgetting about Summon Insects! I love this spell as it can really Bug the enemy spell casters. Image
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Postby Bill » Sat Mar 10, 2001 6:18 am

Druids:Insect plague (best summoning spell overall)

Clerics:Aerial Servant

Mages:Mordenkainen's sword

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