Poll: Do u Have Strange Habits In BG??

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Poll: Do u Have Strange Habits In BG??

Postby TheDude » Sun Jun 17, 2001 8:48 am

i'm am really into Polls today :P :D

ok so do u have your own habits in the game??
- Like always place alot of extra marks on maps to show u where u put stuff or where a lot of enemys are ??
- Have your own storage box u always use ??
- Always Put a lot of time filling your Journal with your own info and stories??
- Always do quest in the same order ??

- or something other strange i didn't name ??
Like buying a whole lot of Potions of Invis. so u can backstab all Kobolds and Goblins u can find :D

My stranghe thing is i always place marks on the map:
Green for Npc i leave,
Bleu for Enemys,
Gray for Storage boxes
and Red for ViP (very importend Places,Persons) that the game doesn't point out (like the houses i have my storage boxes in :D

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Postby Irenin » Sun Jun 17, 2001 8:57 am

Yeah actually, I do the quests in the same order more often than not.

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Postby Xandax » Sun Jun 17, 2001 9:18 am

My strange thing must be, that I don't use either the map or journal for entering my own information - keep it all in the head :)
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Postby Promise » Sun Jun 17, 2001 10:02 am

Trying to kill all rats you see do count?
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Postby ThorinOakensfield » Sun Jun 17, 2001 10:59 am

Trying to fall in love with virtual creations count?
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Mr. Sprinkles
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Postby Mr. Sprinkles » Sun Jun 17, 2001 12:48 pm

I seem to sleep with the whores in the Copper Coronet every night. :D Also, I use my stronghold as a storage container for items. I usually do all the quests in the same order, and always kill people like Keldorn, Mazzy, Aerie, Valygar, Minsc, Jaheira, and Cernd (because I'm evil). :D :D :D :D :D
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Postby Devilfish » Sun Jun 17, 2001 4:08 pm

Well, in my first game that I played towards the end of 2000 - beginning of 2001 as a Priest of Helm, once I had the Helm temple as my stronghold I spent ages rearranging all the items i didnt immediately want to use in one of the temple rooms with several different shelves, tables etc. I put all the potions in one storage area, all the spell scrolls I didn't need to use at the time in another storage area, weapons in another, armour in another, etc etc. and after all this, i don't think I ever bothered or needed to return for any of them!

I also have a habit of suddenly going bezerk and slaying as many innocent people as I can just for the fun of it, but hey, I bet we all do that! I reload from before I started the massacres however and then continue in a positive way though (usually)!

P.S. I never wrote anything in the journal and only once placed a dot on the map to show where I left Minsc! :D
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Postby TheDude » Mon Jun 18, 2001 10:22 am

bump :o :eek: :o
(sorry but i'm just to curious about your habits :D :D )
(and a whole lot of u didn't answer it :D )

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Postby Hannwaas » Mon Jun 18, 2001 10:24 am

I tend to place strange markers in swedish on my map. Like "statyerna" on those statues in Trademeet.
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Postby Armadin of Clan Geddin » Mon Jun 18, 2001 12:00 pm

Castin' Gate in Athkatla to get them annoying Cowled Wizards to warn me fer the last time, then seein' the Pit Fiend devour them as I be laughin' me arse off. :D

It be kinda a tradition o' mine to finish the game with. :D :D

"That be fer all the times ye lads prevented me from casting in the city!"
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Postby Jhareth of house Noquar » Mon Jun 18, 2001 12:08 pm

Excellent work, Armadin!
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Red Inquisition
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Postby Red Inquisition » Mon Jun 18, 2001 12:11 pm

All my characters are cleptomaniacs. They keep everything and store it. I need to have a yard sale.
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Postby JLallone » Mon Jun 18, 2001 12:58 pm

I actually try to maintain balance with my true neutral ranger, I made him with shadowkeeper to fit my needs :o
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Postby HighWatcher Zubie » Mon Jun 18, 2001 2:01 pm

I usually answer to my NPCs. Especially Keldorn, why I don't know though.

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Postby TheDude » Mon Jun 18, 2001 2:09 pm

i have the smae thing with Korgan when he yells:
"Ha skulbreaker!!" i always have to repiet that a couple of times.

and when Hear'Dalis squits: "this sparrow is ready to fly"
i too end up saying things to him like: "oh bagger off" or just "oh shut up"

i think it is just a common thing people do when they stick so much time in playing the game :D :D :D

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Postby Locke Da'averan » Mon Jun 18, 2001 2:31 pm

I think this is very common for anyone who has Aerie&Jaheira in the same party... Usually it goes like this: First, usually before a big fight when casting prot. spells on the chars A or J starts a romance talk... it goes on and on, and since i'm just too nice i don't like telling them to bugger off i answer nicely to them, and after one of them finally stops bitching how she hasn't seen kalimshae/i'm so sad for losing my wings the other one usually starts her talk right after that, and when that happens (like today) my first thought was in english: could someone hang me? :D :D :D :D :D

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Postby Richard » Mon Jun 18, 2001 3:10 pm

and if that isnt enough, your previously cast protection spells seem to run off when you are talking to them !!
BTW, jow does that exactly work? Time just goes on while you talk but nobody moves or something ??

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Postby aVENGER2k » Mon Jun 18, 2001 4:46 pm

Heh,a while ago when I played as an Assassin I really,really,really liked to backstabb all the blasted Kobolds I would encounter.Let's call it a personal revenge for the nightmare I had in the Firewine Bridge instant-respawning-kobold-dungeon back in BG1 :D :D :D
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Postby spitfire_23 » Mon Jun 18, 2001 5:08 pm

I use some cupboards in the adventurers mart for storage

With my evil PC, right before I decended to hell, I decided to kill everyone in the game. I think I finished Athkatla, D'arnis keep, Trademeet, Temple Ruin, Umar Hills, Windspear Hills, and some of Suldenesslar before I left. Fun fun fun.
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Postby Robin_Hood » Tue Jun 19, 2001 4:26 am

I always keep all the quest-specific, useless items like the head of king Strohm and stuff like that. I also sell always to the same vendors, the ones I like. Like Roger the Fence. But the strangest habit is probably the one that I kill every ruffian I see when I'm in the docks district. They're just so god damn annoying and overconfident/arrogant! And then I always have these "personal" fights, like when I killed Edwin-the-SonOfAB***h in CC I sent only Minsc at him. And I always confront the leaders with my own char, clerics with Anomen, Anarg with Keldorn...then I also speak to the chars in my mind...like, "oh you REALLY think you're up to it, you f**k?", and I always think those things in english :D :D :D
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