Am I the only lonely Baldur's Gate gay player?

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Am I the only lonely Baldur's Gate gay player?

Postby Lee » Sun May 13, 2001 7:54 am

Since everybody talking about Romance and love, I could also love to show my personal feeling of BG II.
I am gay so my pc is gay too. I always feel that I want to make a MAN ONLY GROUP.
For me Jaheira sounds like my elder sister, I couldn't stand her time to time talking too much and ordering me around.
Imoen is more less like a younger sister and she is OK. I have a some kind of a save- feeling of her as she never does anything I don't want.
Aerie is the worst, I just get sick of her every time she is the first one yelling: tired, tired." "I have never walked so much...Can we rest now?" I always lock her up in a small room till our group need her healing help.
Most of the gays like strong woman like Nalia de'Arnise, She is OK. I left her after Castle-Business.
I am now in 45 game days, Jaheira is gone and left me a paper saying that she decided to handle her problem herself, and I should not look after her. ( I never understand her, poor lady). I have been very kind to her and tried my best to keep her in our group and make her understand that I love her as my sister...
Anyway after she left me, my MAN ONLY GROUP idea comes back.
Now I am very happy with my men only group. Man are more simple and easy to stay with. I feel so comfortable with them even I know none of them is gay. My group now are, Minsc , my BG II dream partner ( man is nothing just a grown up boy). Anomen (Because of me he failed the knighthood judgement, he hates everybody and hope he will forgive me one day), Edwin, (evil and sexy, I always want to understand him little more), Jan, ( sex guy, I think he always want to try some new with me.) Cernd ( He is not my type, I will replace him to Keldorn once till I find him ).
My dream Partner is Kivan BG I,unfortunately he is not coming back in BG II. The first time when I met Xzar and Montaron, I think they are gay, does everybody has the same feeling? I feel so sorry they were fixed in just bad charater and end up sadly in BG II.

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Postby TheDude » Sun May 13, 2001 8:43 am

yes u are :D :rolleyes: :D

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Postby ]RiPPeR[ » Sun May 13, 2001 10:34 am

você é uma bichinha louca do caralho, o bicha da porra boiola nao tem vergonha na cara nao? vc gosta de rola? tem orgulho de ser gay? sai daqui FDP.

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Postby ThorinOakensfield » Sun May 13, 2001 11:10 am

Yes you seriously are a homosexual.
And you are as sad as dragon wench.

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Postby RA » Sun May 13, 2001 11:52 am

Yes you are alone.
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Postby Nightmare » Sun May 13, 2001 11:56 am

Yes you are very alone.
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Postby A Hairless Dwarf?? » Sun May 13, 2001 12:02 pm

Hey...dont be so negative to him..Sure he's different, but thats no reason for us to forget our manners..

And Lee, I'm sure there's someone out there who's homosexual too and plays BG II, you prolly arent alone :)

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Postby Nick_Dude » Sun May 13, 2001 12:22 pm

Isn't DarkPoet a homo too? :D
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Postby TheDude » Sun May 13, 2001 12:33 pm

Originally posted by Nick_Dude:
<STRONG>Isn't DarkPoet a homo too? :D </STRONG>

haha LMAO :D :D

Don't get my wrong i have notthing against Homo's.
But i think u are just the only one out here

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Postby Georgi » Sun May 13, 2001 1:13 pm

Hey Lee, ignore ThorinOakensfield, he seems to have something against people, y'know, roleplaying... :rolleyes:

I have a question for you - most guys seem to find Anomen totally unbearable, so what do you think of him?
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Postby Nightfire » Sun May 13, 2001 1:38 pm

*raises hand*

No, he's not the only one. :) I'd have loved to be able to have a romance with a female NPC ... but I must admit that none of them are thoroughly attractive to me, especially in the light of the serious storyline and the time pressure you are under (at least theoretically).

Imoen looks great (love that new portrait!), but she's your little sister by both blood and upbringing, so I wouldn't even think about it. Mazzy? Nice portrait, great voice, good character, but she's a halfling. Call me prejudiced in the heights department. ;) Aerie is more of a kid than Imoen, and in serious need of therapy, not a lover. Is it just me, or does her portrait make her look like a deer caught in the headlights? Nice tattoes, though.

Nalia just plain annoys me ... everything about her does, from her portrait and voice right down to her character. Okay, maybe she's more naive than hypocritical, but she is in definite need of a reality check regarding her own attitude. And Viconia? Ugh. Apart from my principal dislike of drow and evil characters, anyone who tries playing mind games with my PC is in serious trouble.

That leaves Jaheira. A good friend, a strong character, cool voice, okay looks (the old portrait was much better IMO) ... but she's more of an older sister (remember, she was to be your caretaker should Gorion die early) than anything. Still, she's by far the best option, and of the three existing female love interests, her romance is the only one that's decently integrated into the storyline. I think that unlike Aerie and Viconia, Jaheira also has the experience and strength of character to support you through your rather significant troubles, and once your soul is ripped out, you need your partner to be strong for both your sakes.

Well, that's one gal's take on the female NPCs. Enough rambling for now ... I think I'll give Jaheira's romance a try in my next game. ;)

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