Best place in Faerun for a romantic weekend with your npc love?

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Postby Manveru » Sun May 13, 2001 11:04 pm

Back to the topic : If I could live in Faerun I would like to spend my weekend in Tethyr secluded forest with Jaheira.
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Postby Rail » Mon May 14, 2001 12:24 am

I must agree, Kuldahar would be nice. However, sticking soley with the games and not entirely on the Forgotten Realms setting as a whole, there's this secluded lighthouse on the sword coast, west of Beregost. Now that the area has been cleared of foul-minded creatures, it's fixed up nicely and makes a wonderful romantic getaway. It's available for rent by the weekend at a surprisingly affordable price. The service is superb and the food exquisite! :)
Okay, it'd be nice if done right, anyway. My bard would like to set up such an inn for the well-to-do adventurer looking for a romantic 5 star retreat away from any crowds. :) Book early.

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Postby Loredweller » Mon May 14, 2001 2:21 am

Umar Hills, of course. River, wood and fair enough inn. (i'm a druid for a while) :)

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Postby Sparky » Tue May 15, 2001 4:03 pm

Some hot hell action with Viconia. And a whip

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Postby Nick_Dude » Tue May 15, 2001 7:37 pm

Hmm... Umar Hills do seem very nice.
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Postby ElvenKing » Tue May 15, 2001 10:40 pm

My vote would have to go to the Jansen Resort. A big natural skylight with a view of the Planar Sphere, plenty of homegrown produce and a doctor on the premises. For night life that entertainment mecca the Copper Coronet is right down the street. Live entertainment, in-house casinos and a petting zoo...
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Postby Robin_Hood » Wed May 16, 2001 6:52 am

Hmm...Trademeet is pretty neat. And so is Small Teeth Pass (if it's the one with the palm trees). But my number one place for a romantic vacation would be Brynnlaw.
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Postby Sulon Kinblight » Wed May 16, 2001 1:13 pm

hi,i am new to the board and this is the first time i have played bgII, i am currently on chapter 6....on this topic, i believe my lawful evil monk and his drow wench viconia would go over to the snooty inn in waukeens and trash the place before leaving the next morning, just because they can and sulon did not appreciate the insults a few months before, the next night would be spent at the ex-fiance of nalia's estate in the government section...sulon and viconia would enjoy the comforts of his nice little abode for the evening in spite of the bastards unpleasing corpse rigoring in the hallway...oh well... the rest of the week would be spent in brynnlaw carousing it up with some pirates and enjoying some ocean breeze and sun and perhaps if we felt up to it, poking through spellhold to look for the incessant blabbering jan where we left him in chapter 4...perhaps....
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Postby Wycen Adamantite » Wed May 16, 2001 2:16 pm

Anywhere it would be safe enough to spread a enormous mound of platinum pieces for a bed.