Spoiler? Tell your party members and who are the best till the end

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Spoiler? Tell your party members and who are the best till the end

Postby firewings95 » Wed Jan 02, 2002 1:33 pm

i wanted to create this topic because i think alot of people would appreciate the insight on who's the best so that we all can play better when finishing the game. Give who u picked as party members and why. Thanks for who all who participate.

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Postby Ollamnh » Wed Jan 02, 2002 8:00 pm

My PC is an over-muscled Archer (ranger subclass)with an Elven Court Bow +3 and 100%+ stealth capability (hide in shadows 120+). He hits hard enough with the Flail of Ages and never misses with a bow but his armor limitation relegates his role to third hitter.

Also: Minsc as main hitter, Jaheira bulked up with full plate, a girdle of hill giant strength and the club Gnasher as second hitter/lead cleric (this ain't no wimpy cleric!), Yoshimo as thief, Nalia as mage /second thief and Aerie as second mage/second cleric.

The last three also provide ranged weapon backup with two bows and a +3 sling.

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Postby ernme4vr » Thu Jan 03, 2002 4:07 am

My main character, and his lackey are:
Ridley: Lvl 18 Swashbuckler - ShadowDragon Scale, Dragonsword (Firkraag's Dungeon), Blooddrinker, Ring of Regen and Invisibility, Boots of Stealth, Pearl Ioun Stone, other cool stuff.
Kathryn: Lvl 15 Sorceress - Good Magi Robe, Dusty Rose Ioun stone, Evermemory, Cloak of the Sheild, and other cool stuff.
(I did this multi-play deal, because the game doesn't have very many straight MAGE type characters, only dual-class, and specialists. SO, I did this :) ).
Other Party Members:
Minsc - BOO!!!!! 'nuff said. Also a really good hitter with Crom Faeyr.
Keldorn - Carsomyr. Think about it!!
Jaheira - Good healer, got neat stuff in ToB. Love interest.
Aerie - Good healer, nice mage too... funny to laugh at while whining.
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Postby JugglingFool » Thu Jan 03, 2002 8:21 am

Me - Kensai, dual wielding Katanas and Long Swords, True Neutral for that Yin/Yang angle I envisioned him as being from the East.
Minsc - Another stranger in a strange land. And we all know how strange.
Keldorn - Just love those Knights from the order of the radient heart.
Anamoen - Ditto.
Nalia - Sure she wines but she makes a good mage if you are playing a good party.
Aerie - Cleric/Mage what's not to like execpt the occational whining. I can handle it just for the sheer destructive power of a Spell sequencer with 3 holly smites. Nothing says die quite like that.
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Postby dopplehanger » Thu Jan 03, 2002 9:54 am

Well hands down my PC kensai/mages are the best. But msot well balanced PC would be my ranger char i love those. My most powerful NPCs by the end of SoA would be Korgon. I have TOB but havent played with all the NPCs through it so not going to comment on it

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Postby magnetic » Thu Jan 03, 2002 9:57 am

Lady Madoline--Kensi/Mage dualed 11/11
Ring of Wizardry, Boots of Avoidence, Ring of Protection, MR 5% amulet, Blade of the rose/celestial fury/Daystar next lvl, perly white ION Stone.

Sir Solm von Silvercrest--Undead Hunter 11
Carsomyr/ElvenCourt Bow, Red Dragon mail,
dragon helm.

Sir Chandier d'Noire--Bounty Hunter 14
Arbanes/Celestial fury and Light Crossbow
shadow dragon mail, Cloak of the Sewers
ring of Fire Resistance.

Lady Mythia-Sky--Priestess of Helm 11
Hammer of Tbolts/Flail of Ages, Ankeg plate
Girdle of Hill giant Str. ( Can't Wait to find Mace of Disruption.

Nalia--Ilbratha/Tigian(sp) short bow, Bracers o'def(Ac3), Robe of Resistance , cloak of Protection.

Jehrera--Delvers plate +2, scimitar + 1, sling of Seaking, Helm of Defense.

I will be dropping Nalia for Vayalgar to do planar sphere, and I may keep him as I kinda need a archer/tank.

I miss Minsc--kangaxx imprisoned him and his Soulmate Lilachor, I wonder who will drive who crazy first.

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Postby fable » Thu Jan 03, 2002 10:10 am

You know, I did a search on favorite characters, and came up with nearly a thousand entries. If you really want advice on this, just use search. I think you'll be surprised at how many well-argued comments we've got in the database. :D ;)
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Postby koz-ivan » Thu Jan 03, 2002 3:42 pm

*me - elf ftr / thief - the pool of thieves seems very thin, better to do it yourself imo.

*keldorn, holy avenger, true sight, dispel magic.
*minsc, boo, comedy, maces, vs vampires, dual wield
*anomen, cleric and good frontline ftr.
*nalia, good with bow, passable spellcaster, fell bad for her, like lost puppy.
*imoen, - see nalia

in hindsight this char would have been better of with an evil party of:

* ftr/thief (perhaps a kensai...)
* korgan, 'nuff said
* jaheria, fights and bugs
* viconia, not my first choice but she's evil and hot.
* edwin, no need to use silly girl mages.
* haredalis, just starting to realize how crazy powerful the fopish bards can be.
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Ned Flanders
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Postby Ned Flanders » Thu Jan 03, 2002 4:24 pm

evil NPC's, they are the best, hands down

Korgan - best fighter
edwin - best mage
viconia - best cleric
Groo the wanderer: kensai 12/ mage 25
Conan: Barb 12/Thief 30

This group turned everything into a gooey mess. The ravager+6 is just wrong. Hide in shadows/attack/dragon instantly destroyed--never saw it coming.

Other variations that are fun:

Holey Party: use only paladins, clerics, druids

Helmet Party: use only male non spellcasters

Skirtz party: use only female spellcasters (this works well)
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