Party Questions: Minsc or Korgan? Jaheira in or out?

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Party Questions: Minsc or Korgan? Jaheira in or out?

Postby iknietjij » Tue Jan 01, 2002 9:53 pm

After looking at the info on this site, I started a new game and built my new party with ingame NPC's (sorry, the quests and conversations associated with them are just so damn good :-) ). This is how i have it this far:

1. Strider (me, guess where the name comes from ;-)). True Neutral - Shapeshifter
2. Nalia (fulfills the mage role) Neutral Good - Mage
3. Viconia (my soon to be ex-girlfriend hehe) Chaotic Evil - Cleric
4. Yoshimo (will be replaced by Imoen once rescued and when yoshimo betrays) True Neutral - Bountyhunter

5. Jaheira; True Neutral - Cleric/Fighter
6. Minsc (walking tank role) Chaotic Good - Ranger.

My question is: who should i pick tofulfill the walking tank role, Minsc or Korgan? Any special advantages, plot changes, equipment to be had with either of them? who is most powerfull? (i can't take either keldorn or valygar since both have trouble with viconia and anomen is more of a cleric than a fighter in the later stages). Maybe i'll get rid of jaheira too when the harper quests will be completed. Any suggestions on who to replace her? or should i keep her?

thx for the advice.

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Postby magnetic » Wed Jan 02, 2002 12:39 am

The berserk dwarf is 'king of the hill' that guy is not a tank--he is a freaking unit of tanks.

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Postby Coot » Wed Jan 02, 2002 2:21 am

Korgan, Korgan, Korgan! 'nuff said!
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Postby Merkidon » Wed Jan 02, 2002 4:48 am

Alot of it is taste.

I either play Lawful good or Chaotic Good type characters, and I dont have much use for the smartass Chaotic Evil types, Viconia being the exception because come on, she's only like Neutral Evil, and goes to True Neutral if you romance her.

Preference my friend..go with what you want..I always thought Minsc super sucked when I had my Cavalier with Holy Avenger, but when I replayed the game with an Archer, I found Minsc to be quite a good tank if I equipped him properly.

Jaheira kicks some major ass as well, get her a nice shield and a nice 1h weapon, gauntlets of weaponskill or whatever, and Harm away.

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Postby TheDude » Wed Jan 02, 2002 6:04 am

ok so u want great conversasions too??
then why won't u take Jan??
i must have a good thief and jan is great, he's a far better thief then Nalia and Imoen and he's a nice mage too.
my advice keep imoen but dump Nalia for Jan.!!

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Postby fable » Wed Jan 02, 2002 6:14 am

As your party already inclines towards neutral/evil, I'd suggest Korgan. He'll get along better with the others. He's also a fantastic tank, whose beserking ability shouldn't be underestimated.
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Postby ernme4vr » Wed Jan 02, 2002 8:14 am

My party consists of this:

Ridley - Lvl 18 Swashbuckler (very cool)
Kathryn - Lvl 15 Sorceress (multi-play creation)
Minsc - Lvl 15 Walking Tank/Ranger (Crom Faeyr.. *drool*)
Jaheira - Can't remember levels
Keldorn - Ditto. (Carsomyr rocks!)
Aerie - Ditto.

Now, if any of you are asking why I only created 2 characters, I will tell now. Nalia and Imoen are dual-classed. Therefore, I think it's their thief sides that will not increase, or the mage in Nalia's case? I was trying to find a balance... so I though why not make a thief and a mage. Specialty is much better. I just completed the Underdark with this party.

Now, I like to keep Minsc for the comdey shtick he provides... it's entertaining when he and Keldorn together almost blew my cover many times in the Underdark. I never enjoyed Korgan.. not funny. I suggest to keep your Minsc, and Jaheira is useful when she has shape-change: Earth Elemental in ToB.

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Postby dopplehanger » Wed Jan 02, 2002 10:39 am

Drop Jaheria and nalia and keep both Korgan and Minsc or if u really want a mage Keep Korgan instead of minsc and go pick up Edwin i love that guy haha