Modifying NPC's

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Modifying NPC's

Postby Taraza » Mon Dec 09, 2002 8:40 am

Hi, does anyone know how to use SK to allow, say a cleric, to use bladed weapons? I've used SK to put the +'s there, but the character still can't equip the weapon.

Any ideas?


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Bruce Lee
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Postby Bruce Lee » Mon Dec 09, 2002 9:06 am

If you have ToB you dont have to cheat to do it... although some people will argue it borders to cheese... get the thief high level abilty Use Any Item with a dual or multi cleric/thief and you can use anything.
You can add this abilty with Shadowkeeper asell but I guess you need to have ToB to find it.
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Postby NiteWulf » Mon Dec 09, 2002 9:18 am

Or find a way to edit the kit. (don't ask me how :confused: )
Or load all blades into Inf Explorer and add Cleric Allowed into the usability option

Should work too, but is a little work
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Postby JackOfClubs » Mon Dec 09, 2002 2:26 pm

You can't do this with SK and I don't think it works with KitEditor either. The only way I know to get a cleric to use a sword is (as NiteWulf says) to modify each individual sword with IEEP.

If you want a cleric that uses swords, the best way is ... play a paladin.
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Postby UserUnfriendly » Tue Dec 10, 2002 8:04 am

use any way...jack, i think taraza wants to try stacking righteous magic with draw on holy you str 25 at higher levels, very high dex and con, and does full damage per hit...obscenely powerful, and even at low levels, use with str belt to make it even more powerful....

and use any item will give you holy avenger use.....

see some of the exploits possible with use any item...its obscene....

for example, wear the robe of veccy to improve casting speed...and robe is as good as many armor in game...
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Postby bullions27 » Tue Dec 10, 2002 2:36 pm

Either cheat and give the Priest the Use Any Item skill from the Thieves' HLAs, or you CAN download IEEP and edit every single blade weapon in the game and allow Priests to use them.
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Postby Nightmare » Tue Dec 10, 2002 7:37 pm

The easiest way would be to give your priest Use Any Item. (if you have Throne of Bhaal)
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