Name your fav NPC and most hated

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Name your fav NPC and most hated

Postby dopplehanger » Wed Dec 12, 2001 2:31 pm

Well id have to say between Minsc and Korgan Because of their fighting skills and are fun to listen to "See battle bo Run Bo!! Run!" The char I hate the most would have to be Anomen i hate the lil goodie goodie.

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Mr. Sprinkles
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Postby Mr. Sprinkles » Wed Dec 12, 2001 4:53 pm

It's a tough call, really. I hate Anomen because he brags constantly. I'd choose Haer'Dalis to be my favorite if he didn't screw up my Aerie romance. :mad: Keldorn is really good for his abilities, but I never take him because I feel wrong about pulling a guy away from his family. Cernd has the personality of a rock, and also ends up having family issues. The female characters can be annoying; Jaheira with her nagging, Aerie with her whining, Viconia with her sick little stories. I'd say my favorite would have to be Viconia, yeah, her stories are annoying, but she's the best cleric in the game, but she's definetly the sexiest NPC and her high dexterity makes her an acceptable backup fighter later on. :cool:

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Postby 1-800-DOCTORB » Wed Dec 12, 2001 5:57 pm

Favorite NPC is without a doubt, Korgan. It has been my experience that he's twice the combatant that Keldorn and Minsc are combined. I currently have him equipped with a +3 battleaxe (Stonefire I believe), Plate of Balduran, Gauntlets of DEX, and a Fortress Shield. In Berserker mode with those items he's nearly indestructable. Paired with a Half-Orc Barbarian PC and its the ultimate juggernaut. I also love his dialogue It's not quite as funny as Minsc's, but I never get sick of it. Worst NPC is Cernd hands down. As priests go, why would you need anyone else but Viconia. Sure some Druid spells are pretty cool, but if you want them, why not go for Jaheira, she's a hell of a lot better. His Warewolf shapechange does nothing for me at all and by the time he gets his Grater Warewolf ability, your fighters should be just fine without any added support. Again, Jaheira is much better NPC than Cernd, and is better in melee for much more of the game in my opinion. I also can't stand his childish voice. Honorable mention goes to Aerie who's very versitile, Yoshimo who's my favorite thief, and Keldorn who can wield the best weapon in the game.
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Postby Blitzer » Thu Dec 13, 2001 6:13 am

I'll split it up into male and female. Minsc is by far the best male NPC.


I especially love what he says at the end in Hell: "I'm tired of shouting battle cries when fighting this mage! Evil meet my sword! Sword meet evil!" Korgan gets an honorable mention and so does Yoshimo (why can't he live? He's the best damn thief in the game).

Worst male NPC is haer-dalis who I can't stand. Pumped up ego. Best female is Viconia who, I agree, is the best cleric and whose stories are, er, interesting. She's also hot. (a hot computer game character??? You're going insane) Worst female is Imoen in my opinion. It's like adventuring with a little girl, she whines and complains about her damn soul. Who gives a damn?

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Postby Krimmy » Thu Dec 13, 2001 11:53 am

Anomen is easily the most hated for me, I go out of my way each to game to torcher him.

As for most favorite

Aerie - For the voice, the things she says in a fight...and she's just so good and decent :D She's just a good person :D

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2nd runner up

Viconia - Probably the best romance put together in the game overall.

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Postby XxRPGerxX » Thu Dec 13, 2001 12:17 pm


Favorite male character, easily Minsc..hes just too damn funny.

Most despised male character, Anomen..hes a pompous arss. I rather like taking his equipment and ditching him, oh and how he enjoys that *LoL* :D

Most favored female character, Viconia w/o hesitation..shes a saucy little wench that offers great reward after breaking her spirit ;) Mwuhahahhaha

Least enjoyed female character, Imoen..she whined and whimpered from the get go(At least Aerie has some venom behind her).To me she was that race horse with a broken leg..and you know whats done in that situation.. :(

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Postby JosephM » Thu Dec 13, 2001 7:42 pm

my fav npc would probably be Edwin. When he gets changed into a lady he(she) is especially funny and for some more funny dialouge, take him(her) to salvanas in the cc. worst npc would be cernd, his stats are sucky and he cant cast spells while shapechanged :mad: :mad:

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Postby Akubi » Thu Dec 13, 2001 9:11 pm

Valygar's suggestion is right. Minsc should seek doctor about his head. He's too obsessed with his hamster.

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Postby WizardSlayerFanatic » Fri Dec 14, 2001 1:49 am

Mazzy is best NPC in my book ohh did i say book... DOH....
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Postby pomr » Wed Dec 26, 2001 5:35 pm

Favorite Male:
Edwin or Korgan - they have the /best/ dialogues in the game. :)

Favorite Female:
Has to be Viconia, she's a great romance too, though VERY high maintenance. ;) Mazzy is fun too, she's just so darn decent.

I liked Imoen too, especially in ToB where she was just /hillarious/. There are some dialogues between her and the other party members (Edwin and Sarevok leap to mind) that had me rolling.

Despised Male:
Tough call between Haer'dalis and Cernd - they are equally wretched.

Despised Female:
Honestly...if you want the queen of whiny, that would have to be Aerie. She is /vastly/ more whiny than Imoen.

That's my $0.02 on the matter. ^_^
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Postby fable » Wed Dec 26, 2001 7:37 pm

There really isn't a character I dislike as such in the party bunch, since they're all well-developed within the storyline and well-voiced. Non-party, now, I'd opt for Gaelan. That endless "Coooo!" is so bad an imitation of an Australian that the nation should sue. ;)
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Postby UserUnfriendly » Wed Dec 26, 2001 9:49 pm

Best fem, aerie, that whining, that voice, the nagging, aerie is the perfect wish fufillment fantasy for the guys who like needy women. sigh.

viccy is too psycho, too sick.

worst male, keldorn, too damned sanctimonius, best male, minsc.

however, since the ranger kit plain sucks, will sk minsc into paladin!!!!

Always thouhght him more a paladin, Don Quote comes too mind...

Sorry knight...hee hee!!! :rolleyes:
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Postby Char_Aznable » Wed Dec 26, 2001 11:24 pm

For SOA my fav NPC would be Korgan. With him around i dont need to summon so many useless creatures for cover. He is a one man walking tank. But during TOB despite all his hard work he still have to make way for Sarevok. Definately the best tank in the Game.

Most hated NPC for both TOB and SOA is Anomen. Just hate his constant bragging. Totally useless yet brags the most :eek: