perfect character/party

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perfect character/party

Postby hwttdz » Sun Mar 17, 2002 2:51 pm

Character creation has always been the most interesting part of the game to me. Kit's, proficiencies, and thinking in the long term dual classing and items. I have put a lot of thought into some different characters and parties and I'm just looking for more/fresh ideas and feedback.

My favorite character is an elven ranger/archer. Where I put the proficiencies depends on what bow I'm planning on using. Some of my favorites are the short bow of gesen with normal ammo to speed up the rate of fire(rof), the strong arm (I think that's the one with +3 damage), and the tugian bow for high rof. Are there any more bows of note, perhaps with higher enchantment to hit all the baddies.

Gnomish Fighter Illusionist. The int helps in being a mage and with the specialty school these guy's aren't too far behind normal mages and they more than make up for it in combat. This character can take any weapon you want to which is really nice.

Half orc tank (kensai or barbarian). These guys hit hard (the kensai hits harder) and can take hits ( the barbarian can take more). Espically the barbarian has gobs of hit points and when he later picks up the resistances to physical attacks, they're just both tanks. With the barbarian I like the Flail of Ages and the flail that offers damage resistance, for role playing the orc leather is good. The kensai obivously gets no armor but has a wide choice of weapons, I've heard a lot of people talk about belm/crom fayer and just recently about the scarlet ninja-to instead of belm.

Other ideas have been:
Kensai dualed to druid, with skills in staffs and two handed for the barkskin staff.

Swashbuckler, straight up or dualed to mage or fighter, offers some neat combos.

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Postby UserUnfriendly » Sun Mar 17, 2002 3:29 pm

in any sort of party, the sorc is an absolute vicous whirlwind of destruction. not even my own fav, kensai sorc is necessary. any sorc, any level is going to be the best magical offensive defensive utility useful char to have in a party.

the spell selection almost doesnt matter, you can play summoner, my fav, load up on skellys, and inv stalkers and swords, summon and kill!!! use project image to override limits, and keep death fog handy for getting rid of your friends and enemies...death fog is so good...low level damage enough to allow buffed party to take freindly fire, but kills umberhulks and low level flayers, just like the death spell.

the blaster, another fav, is load up on invokation abjuration school, and use lots of spell triggers and chains to blast away at the enemy at close range...use and choose spells that get better with level, and be prepared for a blast!!!!

the generalist, prioritizes party friendly spells like mass inv and haste to make your warriors ultra powerful, and also does almost all the magical chores, like clairvoyance and farsight for mugging, and his arsenal is heavy on damage over time, in an atttempt to weaken enemy as they have to pass thru dmage zone to engage your warriors...

anyway, with a sorc pc, you dont need edwin or aerie or immie or nalia...

but a good seconary mage is good for storing spells you should not waste slots reove curse or limited wish. wish is worth keeping, just for the high wisdom I gave my sorc.

a kensai sorc has some peculiar spell selection. I tried to combine all the themes I mentioned, and largly succeded, but went 6 for most levels and some levels with 7 spells...

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

but one of the most important spells is symbol stun, cast in chain, 1 malison then two symbol stun, set on myslef while wearing the rimg of free action is the dead stunfire spell...I plan to try out on next dragon I see...try on a high level kensai mage dual, and have fun!!!
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Postby Lykwid » Sun Mar 17, 2002 10:54 pm

For straight melee i like the Monk , love the big damage output at higher levels, hide in shadows and the inate abilities.

For a Duel class i like the ranger/cleric , you get all the cleric and all the druid spells, with long lasting spells like rightous magic even a ranger dueled to cleric early is an excellent fighting machine. This is an excellent solo character as well with the druid insect spells and plenty of ironskins.

For multiclass i like the Dwarf fighter/theif , lots of hitpoints and excellent saves as well as all the theif and fighter abilities which can make some interesting combinations.