Newbie question: Archer as 1st character?

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Newbie question: Archer as 1st character?

Postby ranger101 » Wed Mar 06, 2002 3:43 pm

I started as a ranger/cleric after I read it was a good choice for various reasons - and have made it to the slums after playing the 1st dungeon a few times in an attempt to master the interface, but I feel the RP aspect of dual wielding a warhammer and a flail seems lacking - so I plan to restart as an archer.

I am unsure on which weapons to use aside from short bow.

I plan to master in short bow as I read they are better on another thread on this board.

5 points in short bow.

2 hand weapons seem more convenient, but one already gets 2 stars in two weapon style, so it seems a shame to waste the points.

Does it make sense to spend points in a crushing weapon to hit golems? I like this Minsc fellow, and he has 1 point in mace so I wonder if this precludes this as a choice.

I figure I need Minsc and one other melee, a healer, a thief, a mage and 1 more. I met Aerie recently and she seems useful as she is a mage/cleric combination as well as cheerful.

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Postby Pebz » Wed Mar 06, 2002 4:45 pm

Archer can only have 1 point in melee weapons, so after you have grandmastery (5 points) in the ranged weapon of choice, pick any melee weapon you like. I suggest you start with longswords, as there are many good ones. Dont worry about golems if you plan to have 2 (or more) melees in your party.
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Postby Nygma » Wed Mar 06, 2002 5:02 pm

An archer only gets proficiency in melee weapons, so you will eventually be able to have one star in just about every weapon. I personally wouldn't use a 2-handed sword since they're so slow and 1-handed weapons IMHO are about as damaging. I'd either dual-wield or put stars in single weapon for the AC bonus. I also wouldn't worry right away about having a point in a blunt weapon, especially with Minsc. Put it in long swords first.

My second game had an archer as a main character and a half-orc berserker as an additional character. The berserker was a far better fighter and had incredible immunities when enraged (I eventually gave her up for a certain TOB NPC, and it was a step down). But it sounds like you are more interested in the role-playing aspect, and in that regard it's hard to beat an archer. Plus, my archer had most of the dragons to his credit :D

Bottom line is that elven archers are very cool and can dish out lots of damage without having to get up close and personal, but their melee suffers and you'll get irritated by an inordinate amount of "weapon ineffective" messages.
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Postby Lykwid » Wed Mar 06, 2002 6:09 pm

I personally think archers rock , and if you buy the firetooth crossbow , youll rarely see the message "your weapon is ineffective"


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Postby mabrook » Wed Mar 06, 2002 6:30 pm

archers are great for RP

Hi ranger 101
Actually I'm very interested in archers too (I started a long thread about them short time ago, probably the one you read).
As it seems, you are interested in role playing? Then I'd suggest using an axe for your archer. Sounds strange probably on first hand, but consider, he's a ranger kit. And they tend to be in forests using some raw weapns (I think thats why minsc [whom I like too] has a slot in mace).
And there are some quite good axe weapons in the game.
And dont mind the "weapon ineffective"-thing. It gets better as you continue in the game, since you will be able to get better (enchanted) weapons soon. Still be ready to have your char put down his bow from time to time, cause there are some enemies that cant be put down with a bow. But dragons can :D so don't worry ;)

@pebz: Hey, didn't you want to design a cool longbow for an archer some days ago? What happened to it? I'm still looking forward to seeing it someday *bg* Would be cool, if you could manage it.

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Postby Obsidian » Wed Mar 06, 2002 7:24 pm

Hey guys. Some Minor spoilers

Well, archers are indeed, deadly. With the right weapons, they can destroy so many enemies its disgusting. The one problem I found is that you end up carrying an insane amount of arrows for the Tuigan bow. Best short bow early on IMO. I would put my slots into Quarter staffs. There are plenty of ones with decent enchantments that are easy to get, and a +4 one that can be bought early on.
Get Aegars hide for armour.
Boots of speed are also a must, pick them up from the HD Quest.
Minsc is a good guy to have around. I'd also take Anomen (Fighter Cleric) and either Yoshimo or Jan. Both are good thieves. Yoshima is better though. Rather than spoil things for you, I'll just shut up.
Aerie,well, I can't stand her. GRRRR. If you want an awesome mage, take Edwin, though watch your rep doesnt get too high. If you dont take edwin, there is also Nalia, and Jan, and Aerie, who all work.
Healers are Viconia (Cleric n.evil) Jaheria (Fighter Druid, T. Neutral) Anomen (Fighter Cleric, Law. Good) Aerie (Mage Cleric, Law. Good). I think thats all the healers in the game, unless you have TDD which is a whole new story...
There are SO many good fighters out there, just pick the best for your group, you'll find out easily enough.
Hope that helps.
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Postby Sojourner » Thu Mar 07, 2002 1:14 am

Aerie's voice may grate on your nerves, but she's an outstanding spell-slinger. There are nice items in the game that compensate for her two faults: low strength and HP. She's also perfect to have in a small party as a cleric-mage. Jan would be a perfect complement, esp. with Minsc in the party.
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